Family of Arthur Walter BAMFORD and Sarah Delia WILLS

Husband: Arthur Walter BAMFORD (1881-1966)
Wife: Sarah Delia WILLS (1877- )
Children: Jessie BAMFORD (1909- )
Gertrude A BAMFORD (1910- )
Marriage Sep 1907 Brixworth, Northamptonshire1

Husband: Arthur Walter BAMFORD

Name: Arthur Walter BAMFORD
Father: George BAMFORD (1836-1899)
Mother: Elizabeth AYRES (1840-1931)
Birth Mar 1881 Scaldwell, Northamptonshire2
Death Mar 1966 (age 84-85) Brixworth, Northamptonshire3

Wife: Sarah Delia WILLS

Name: Sarah Delia WILLS
Father: John WILLS
Mother: Fanny
Birth Sep 1877 Brixworth, Northamptonshire4

1911 Census

Child 1: Jessie BAMFORD

Name: Jessie BAMFORD
Birth Jun 1909 Scaldwell, Northamptonshire5

Child 2: Gertrude A BAMFORD

Name: Gertrude A BAMFORD
Birth Sep 1910 Scaldwell, Northamptonshire6

Note on Husband: Arthur Walter BAMFORD

not in 1901 census

Note on Wife: Sarah Delia WILLS

cannot find death date


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