Family of Thomas Crawford BIELBY and Elsie Cordiner DUTCHMAN

Husband: Thomas Crawford BIELBY (1891-1956)
Wife: Elsie Cordiner DUTCHMAN (1893-1956)
Children: Elsie BIELBY (1917- )
Marriage Mar 1915 Scarborough, Yorkshire1

Husband: Thomas Crawford BIELBY

Name: Thomas Crawford BIELBY
Father: William BIELBY
Mother: Maria CRAWFORD
Birth Dec 1891 Scarborough, Yorkshire2
Death Mar 1956 (age 64) Manchester, Lancashire3

Wife: Elsie Cordiner DUTCHMAN

Name: Elsie Cordiner DUTCHMAN
Father: John Henry DUTCHMAN (1864-1912)
Mother: Mary Elizabeth MOORE (1863-1944)
Birth Jun 1893 Scarborough, Yorkshire4
Death Jun 1956 (age 62-63) Claro, West Riding Yorkshire5

Child 1: Elsie BIELBY

Name: Elsie BIELBY
Birth Mar 1917 Scarborough, Yorkshire6


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