Family of William Francis DUTCHMAN and Gladys Mary TABBITT

Husband: William Francis DUTCHMAN (1899-1969)
Wife: Gladys Mary TABBITT (1898- )
Children: Kathleen M DUTCHMAN (1928- )
Marriage 22 Mar 1925 Knaresborough, Yorkshire1

Husband: William Francis DUTCHMAN

Name: William Francis DUTCHMAN
Sex: Male
Father: John Henry DUTCHMAN (1864-1912)
Mother: Mary Elizabeth MOORE (1863-1944)
Birth Jun 1899 Scarborough, Yorkshire2
Death Jun 1969 (age 69-70) Scarborough, Yorkshire3

Wife: Gladys Mary TABBITT

Name: Gladys Mary TABBITT
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Jun 1898 St Ives, Cornwall4

Child 1: Kathleen M DUTCHMAN

Name: Kathleen M DUTCHMAN
Sex: Female
Birth Dec 1928 Knaresborough, Yorkshire5

Note on Wife: Gladys Mary TABBITT

parents:Arthur Tabbitt and Kate Chantry


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