Family of Alfred Dennis HOUSEMAN and Blanche HORNER

Husband: Alfred Dennis HOUSEMAN

Name: Alfred Dennis HOUSEMAN
Father: George Robert DENNIS
Mother: Sarah HOUSEMAN
Birth Dec 1878 East Cottingwith1
Occupation Joiner and Wheelwright
Death Mar 1961 Hull, Yorkshire2

Wife: Blanche HORNER

Name: Blanche HORNER
Father: George HORNER
Mother: Sarah GILSON
Birth Dec 1882 Helmsley, Yorkshire3
Death Sep 1953 Hull, Yorkshire4

1911 Census

Child 1: George Robert DENNIS

Name: George Robert DENNIS
Birth Sep 1904 Norton, Malton5

Child 2: Norman Alfred DENNIS

Name: Norman Alfred DENNIS
Birth Jun 1907 Marishes, Pickering, Yorkshire6

Child 3: John William DENNIS

Name: John William DENNIS
Birth Dec 1908 Marishes, Pickering, Yorkshire
Death Jun 1909 Pickering, Yorkshire7

Child 4: Frederick Elmo DENNIS

Name: Frederick Elmo DENNIS
Birth Jun 1910 Norton, Malton8
Death Sep 1911 Hull, Yorkshire9

Child 5: Arthur A DENNIS

Name: Arthur A DENNIS
Birth Dec 1912 Hull, Yorkshire10

Child 6: Leslie A DENNIS

Name: Leslie A DENNIS
Birth Jun 1915 Hull, Yorkshire11


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