Family of George LONDON and Priscilla Elizabeth THOMPSON

Husband: George LONDON (1855-1930)
Wife: Priscilla Elizabeth THOMPSON (1857-1939)
Marriage Jan 1884 Scarborough, Yorkshire1

Husband: George LONDON

Name: George LONDON
Father: Thomas LONDON
Mother: Susannah HOLLIS
Birth Jun 1855 Norfolk2
Death Dec 1930 (age 75) Scarborough, Yorkshire3

Wife: Priscilla Elizabeth THOMPSON

Name: Priscilla Elizabeth THOMPSON
Father: Richard THOMPSON (1828-1905)
Mother: Priscilla RICHARDSON (1830-1905)
Birth Oct 1857 Scarborough, Yorkshire4
Occupation Milliner
Death Mar 1939 (age 81) Scarborough, Yorkshire5

Priscilla Elizabeth Thompson

1891 Census

1901 Census

1911 Census

Note on Husband: George LONDON - shared note

living at 2 Gashouse Lane, Scarborough in 1891 census

Note on Wife: Priscilla Elizabeth THOMPSON

Priscilla Richardson Thompson is listed as their neice in 1891 and 1901 census


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