Family of Samuel BROWN and Priscilla Richardson THOMPSON

Husband: Samuel BROWN (1890-1961)
Wife: Priscilla Richardson THOMPSON (1887-1971)
Children: George BROWN (1913- )
Willie BROWN (1915- )
Annie BROWN (1919- )
Marriage Oct 1912 Scarborough, Yorkshire1

Husband: Samuel BROWN

Name: Samuel BROWN
Father: John William BROWN
Mother: Hannah Mary SENIOR
Birth 1890
Death Jun 1961 (age 70-71) Dewsbury, Yorkshire2

Wife: Priscilla Richardson THOMPSON

Name: Priscilla Richardson THOMPSON
Father: Richard THOMPSON (1856-1946)
Mother: Sarah Jane DRUMMOND (1857-1937)
Birth 25 Mar 1887 Scarborough, Yorkshire3
Death Jun 1971 (age 84) Dewsbury, Yorkshire4

Child 1: George BROWN

Name: George BROWN
Birth Sep 1913 Dewsbury, Yorkshire5

Child 2: Willie BROWN

Name: Willie BROWN
Spouse: Nellie ROBINSON ( - )
Birth 12 Jul 1915 Dewsbury, Yorkshire6

Child 3: Annie BROWN

Name: Annie BROWN
Birth Jun 1919 Dewsbury, Yorkshire7

Note on Husband: Samuel BROWN

Birth details not known

Note on Wife: Priscilla Richardson THOMPSON

Priscilla was given, as a baby to her Aunt Priscilla London who was not able to have children


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