Family of William Richardson THOMPSON and Minnie Esther DENNIS

Husband: William Richardson THOMPSON (1863-1949)
Wife: Minnie Esther DENNIS (1868-1941)

William Richardson Thompson and Minnie Esther Dennis

Children: Minnie Esther THOMPSON (1898- )
Elsie Richardson THOMPSON (1899-1992)
Elizabeth May THOMPSON (1903- )
William Ernest THOMPSON (1906-1907)
Richard Hickson THOMPSON (1908-1914)
Marriage 17 Oct 1897 All Saints Church, Scarborough 1

Husband: William Richardson THOMPSON

Name: William Richardson THOMPSON
Father: Richard THOMPSON (1828-1905)
Mother: Priscilla RICHARDSON (1830-1905)
Birth Jun 1863 Scarborough 2
Occupation Block and Mast Maker / Journeyman
Death 31 Mar 1949 (age 85) Scarborough

William Richardson Thompson's death

Wife: Minnie Esther DENNIS

Minnie Esther Dennis

Name: Minnie Esther DENNIS
Father: Unknown
Mother: Harriet Ann DENNIS (1846-1920)
Birth 5 Jun 1868 Thornton 1
Death 22 Jul 1941 (age 73) Scarborough 1

Thompson family


1911 Census

Child 1: Minnie Esther THOMPSON

Name: Minnie Esther THOMPSON
Spouse: Jack KIRBY (1898-1968)
Birth 8 Mar 1898 Scarborough 3
Death Mar 1983 Scarborough 5

Child 2: Elsie Richardson THOMPSON

Name: Elsie Richardson THOMPSON
Spouse: George DIXON (1899-1973)
Birth 13 Sep 1899 Scarborough 1
Death 23 Apr 1992 (age 92) Holly Court, 23 Filey Rd., Scarborough 1
Burial cremated, ashes scattered at cemetery

Additional Information

Death Cause: Myocardial Infraction

Child 3: Elizabeth May THOMPSON

Name: Elizabeth May THOMPSON
Spouse 2: William LAYCOCK ( - )
Birth 3 May 1903 Scarborough 6
Death Mar 1978 (age 74) Leeds 7

Child 4: William Ernest THOMPSON

Name: William Ernest THOMPSON
Birth Jul 1906 Scarborough 4
Death Apr 1907 (age 0) Scarborough 4

Child 5: Richard Hickson THOMPSON

Name: Richard Hickson THOMPSON
Birth 1908 Scarborough 4
Death Dec 1914 (age 5-6) Scarborough 5

Note on Husband: William Richardson THOMPSON

Willaim was the last Block and Mast Maker in Scarborough, he only ever had one boss, (Tom Shaw) When he was asked to do a job he often called at the pub on the way to celebrate. Minnie often had to go in the pub on a Friday evening and get her housekeeping money from him before he spent it, he used to sheepishly follow her home. He was a well known identity in Scarborough. (Nellie Jenkinson nee Dixon's memories) He was living with his daughter Elsie Richardson Dixon, at 1 High Walk Scarborough, when he died

Note on Wife: Minnie Esther DENNIS

Her address when she married was 45 Rothbury St., Scarborough Minnie was remembered with great affection by her grandchildren. Her address when she died was 4 Kendalls Dwellings, St Mary's St., Scarborough


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