Family of John WILEY and Frances Louisa M P RUSSELL

Husband: John WILEY (1877- )
Wife: Frances Louisa M P RUSSELL (1881- )
Children: Mark Winn WILEY (1901- )
Edna WILEY (1903- )
Jessie WILEY (1906- )
Marriage Sep 1899 Hartlepool, Durham1

Husband: John WILEY

Name: John WILEY
Father: Mark Wynn WILEY (1857-1950)
Mother: Anne DENNIS (1856-1946)
Birth Sep 1877 Hartlepool, Durham2
Occupation Tripe proprieter

Wife: Frances Louisa M P RUSSELL

Name: Frances Louisa M P RUSSELL
Father: John RUSSELL
Mother: Caroline POUNDER
Birth Jun 1881 West Hartlepool3
Occupation Boarding house keeper

1901 Census

1911 Census

Child 1: Mark Winn WILEY

Name: Mark Winn WILEY
Birth Mar 1901 Newcastle on Tyne4

Child 2: Edna WILEY

Name: Edna WILEY
Birth Mar 1903 Newcastle on Tyne5

Child 3: Jessie WILEY

Name: Jessie WILEY
Birth Jun 1906 Newcastle on Tyne6


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